Things That Happened at The Blue Bunny

You never know what to expect at a book signing.  For example, when I was promoting my picture book back in 2001 I was approached by a guy who shook my hand and said something about how he thought my “having a heart for the kids” was admirable.  He engaged me for ten minutes or so and then left without buying a copy of the book.


There was another time when a woman read through a copy right in front of me then chastised me for a good five minutes, saying the book wasn’t culturally diverse enough.  She bought two copies.

At the dirt fair in Topsfield a woman actually said, “my kid already has too many books.”

In Ann’s Enchanted Forest in Scottsville VA at 11:00am Ann was drunk.

But the coolest thing so far happened at The Blue Bunny when a woman approached the table and told me I had some updog on my shirt.